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A real estate purchase is a significant financial investment for businesses as well as for individual homeowners. In a dispute over the property or the elements of the transaction, advice from experienced legal counsel is a necessity to ensure that rights are protected and agreements enforced. The lawyers at Belsito Law in Richmond Hill provide high-quality legal representation in residential and commercial real estate litigation.

As experienced lawyers in civil litigation, Belsito Law counsel stand by clients in all phases of a real estate dispute. From the initial identification of a legal issue through legal proceedings that ultimately lead to resolution, our counsel provide relevant advice and guidance.

Representing Commercial Builders, Business Owners And Homeowners

Real estate conflicts often arise on the basis of breach of contract. Commercial and residential developments and residential home purchases are subject to legal rules that, if violated, can result in damages to the wronged party. Issues that arise in real estate transactions by owners and developers include:

  • Abortive real estate transactions
  • Mortgage fraud and fraudulent transfers
  • Nonpayment for contractual work
  • Failure to complete purchase or sale
  • Failure to disclose property defects
  • Purchase and sale agreement disputes
  • Real estate agent negligence

As client representatives, we explore all potential remedies and legal actions, such as Orders for specific performance and the registration of certificates of pending litigation.

At Belsito Law, we encourage people who face conflict over real estate to discuss their issues with us. We will provide a realistic assessment of options and probable outcomes, based on our legal knowledge and more than four decades of experience as lawyers handling real estate disputes.

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