Estate Litigation Lawyers

Estate litigation is the resolution of conflict related to an estate, trust or guardianship. Because opposing sides are usually members of the same family, these disputes are legally complex and emotionally difficult. Due to their personal nature, they may be resolved privately or through a courtroom process.

Belsito Law has tailored its legal practice to focus on litigation. Our lawyers have the skills to provide effective representation to clients in dispute resolution processes. Estate litigation is unlike a business or employment conflict; our lawyers approach these cases with tact and sensitivity.

Issues In Estate Disputes

Quite often, a sibling commences litigation over a parent’s estate, including allegations that the will does not reflect the deceased’s true wishes or does not meet his or her obligations according to law. This is one example of estate litigation; other matters our firm handles include:

  • Trust disputes
  • Will challenges
  • Joint tenancy disputes
  • Power of attorney disputes
  • Lawyer negligence in will or trust preparation
  • Passing of accounts
  • Trustee disputes
  • Guardianship disputes

While it is perhaps most common for siblings to be at odds over the terms of an estate, trust or the care of an elder, estate disputes may be commenced by any beneficiary. Anyone who has or might have an interest is entitled to pursue legal action. Our firm provides advice and representation to people on all sides of an estate claim.

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