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Construction contracts generally include specification of work to be performed and a time period for completion. If design or site changes result in an increase in work or delay in completion, either the owner or the contractor might have a legal claim for costs associated with the delay. As with most construction law matters, retaining legal counsel who know the application of Ontario legislation is essential to advance a successful claim.

Belsito Law has both the litigation experience and construction industry knowledge to effectively represent clients. Established in Richmond Hill and with over four decades of legal practice combined, our lawyers are trusted by construction trades and general contractors alike to explain and execute their legal options.

Knowledgeable Legal Advice On Construction Projects

Delays not caused by either party, such as those due to severe weather or natural disasters, may not give rise to legal action, but delays caused by the owner or the contractor can lead to a claim. Such delays can be due to:

  • Changes in design specifications by the owner
  • Limitations on site access by the owner
  • Owner interference in the project
  • A contractor’s lack of sufficient materials or workers
  • A contractor’s poor workmanship

In a delay claim, therefore, identifying the specific reason for the delay is fundamental to resolving it. At Belsito Law, we have the background and knowledge to effectively represent our clients and achieve strong results. That includes an understanding of construction contracts, the complex relationship between owners, contractors and subcontractors, and the legal precedents in construction litigation.

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