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Construction disputes are a specialized form of litigation. In Ontario, the prevailing piece of legislation is the Construction Lien Act, which establishes important rights and responsibilities as well as timelines for the registration and perfection of liens. While the protections afforded by the Act are generally well-understood by those within the construction industry, they are best executed by construction law lawyers with the knowledge and experience to protect legal interests.

Belsito Law is trusted by owners, developers, contractors and other members of the construction industry in North York, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Markham and surrounding municipalities. With over four decades of experience, we are able to navigate legal disputes of all kinds, specifically in the complex area of construction law. We stand by clients from initial registration of liens all the way through the litigation process.

Exploring Legal Options

Our lawyers assist parties with all elements of construction disputes, including but not limited to delay claim litigation, breach of trust and construction liens to access the remedies available under Ontario law. While most disputes can go to court, with tact and experience it is sometimes possible to settle out of court. As strategic and client-focused lawyers, we take the route that is most expedient in achieving the best results for our clients.

The nature of a construction project creates an interest for several parties such as the owner, contractor, subcontractor, tradespeople, suppliers and consultants. Each, however, has different legal options available. As legal counsel, we establish those options and consult with our clients on how best to execute them.

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