Severance Agreement Lawyers

When an employee is dismissed from his or her job, he or she may be offered a severance package. Before signing a termination agreement, final release or severance agreement, it may be prudent to consult with an employment lawyer who can offer guidance on whether to sign the agreement.

Belsito Law represents employees and employers involved in
various types of employment litigation. Whether you are an employee who is being dismissed and require a review of your severance package or an employer requiring guidance on the appropriate manner to handle a severance package, our lawyers can provide the strong representation that is necessary.

Consider The Severance Package And Have It Reviewed

It is possible that your employer is attempting to pressure you into signing the severance offer. While it may feel stressful to add an extra step to this process, having a lawyer review the agreement can be vital in protecting your rights. A lawyer at Belsito Law can review your agreement to ensure that the amount of severance is in accordance with common law entitlements as well as in compliance with either the Employment Standards Act or the Canada Labour Code.

A lawyer at our firm can help you:

  • Negotiate for a more desirable severance package
  • Make a claim to the labour board
  • Make a claim for wrongful dismissal or sue for wrongful dismissal

On the other side of this issue, employers require guidance to ensure that their rights and company’s interests are well-protected in such negotiations and potential litigation.

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