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Employment relationships frequently give rise to legal disputes, particularly upon termination or demotion. Rights and responsibilities of both parties depend on whether the employment is based on contract, or provincial and federal statutes. As a result, both employers and employees require legal advice to understand and execute their options.

People trust the legal services provided at Belsito Law because our lawyers pursue employment litigation on behalf of employers and employees in Ontario and draw upon more than four decades of experience in our advisory and representative work.

Advice Across All Industry Sectors

The employment law practice at Belsito Law includes resolution of disputes in all industries, including construction, for which we also have a substantial litigation practice. Issues over working conditions, pay and compensation, breach of contract, harassment and discrimination can arise at all stages of an employee’s tenure. Litigation frequently involves:

As part of our civil litigation practice, we also offer representation in fidelity claims, specifically allegations of employee theft or fraud. We have had great success in the recovery of civil remedies as a result of such issues.

Those involved in employment disputes deserve fair resolution of their litigation claim. At Belsito Law, we emphasize the legal interests of our clients and employ creative solutions to obtain the best results.

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