Lawyers Resolving Wrongful Termination Disputes

The feeling of losing your job is a feeling like no other. It is common that along with job loss, you are feeling stress, anxiety and even feelings of low self esteem. These are normal emotions to have, and our lawyers are adept at helping clients sift through the emotional aspects of wrongful dismissal to arrive at successful resolutions.

Belsito Law guides employees and employers through complex labour and
employment litigation matters. We pursue legal action for both types of clients and have in-depth knowledge of the issues and problems that can arise on either side of this issue.

When an employee is wrongfully terminated or even demoted from his or her position, the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee will be assessed according to contractual agreements, or provincial and federal statutes. Our
employment litigation lawyers guide both sides in understanding their options and obtaining fair outcomes.

Advice For Employees In All Industries

If you were formally dismissed from your place of employment, or if you are thinking of resigning from your job, your employment contract may play a role in either situation. Our lawyers can assist you in ensuring that you act in accordance with your contract and protect yourself from retaliation. Additionally, if you have been victimized by discrimination or harassment throughout the course of your employment, we can ascertain if your case involves a breach of the Human Rights Code. We can take the appropriate legal action to protect your rights if such a breach has occurred.

Employers Trust Our Lawyers To Obtain Results

The bottom line is, a dismissed employee, particularly one who claims to have been the target of discrimination or harassment, can cost your company money. If you are considering staffing changes, it is wise to consult with a lawyer prior to making those changes. While we focus on litigating these matters, we can provide advice on preventive actions that you can take.

The termination of an employment relationship can also give rise to that employee being offered a
severance package. Belsito Law works toward fair resolutions in all related matters as well.

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