Lawyers Handling Will Challenges

Various circumstances can lead to confusion and disputes over an individual’s will. While it is most common for adult siblings to be at odds over the terms of a will, our lawyers adeptly represent any type of beneficiary who may need legal representation.

Will challenges can arise for many reasons. Belsito Law helps
adult children of deceased parents and other beneficiaries who have encountered challenges involving the validity of a loved one’s will. We regularly handle will challenges involving property, pensions and insurance benefits.

Guidance For Will Challenges Or Will Defence

Belsito Law’s practice focuses on litigation and includes significant experience challenging and defending the validity of wills. While virtually endless reasons exist, will challenges typically arise due to:

  • Noncompliance with relevant laws at the time of the will’s drafting
  • A relative, friend or acquaintance placing undue influence over the individual at the time of the will’s drafting
  • Questions as to the individual’s mental state at the time of the will’s drafting
  • Failure to alter, revoke or destroy a previous will in the appropriate manner
  • The involvement of step-families and children from previous marriages

Our estate lawyers understand that these challenges are personal in nature and as such can be emotionally draining on the parties involved. We strive to work with tact and compassion, and believe that preserving the familial relationship is best whenever possible.

While a will challenge is not typical to you, these are legal issues that we resolve on a regular basis. With expansive knowledge of and experience in
various areas of estate litigation, Belsito Law is a trusted source for you and your family’s peace of mind.

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