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In Ontario, the government can seize property, including land, buildings and improvements. This process of expropriation does not require the consent of the property owner, although he or she is entitled to fair compensation.

Factors that affect the amount of compensation are not limited to the property’s current market value. For that reason, it is often necessary for an owner to secure experienced legal counsel to properly advance his or her legal interests and fully assess the property’s potential value. Otherwise, an owner may receive less than the circumstances warrant.

At Belsito Law, our lawyers handle land expropriation cases from start to finish, as advocates for owners in Richmond Hill and throughout the region. We have significant experience with this unique area of law and are frequent client representatives before the Ontario Municipal Board on these issues.

Adjudication Of Disputes And Compensation Factors

Land expropriation disputes are adjudicated through a specific administrative law process in Ontario. Parties might first go to the Board of Negotiation, an informal mediation during which a third party tries to bring them to agreement, but cannot impose a settlement. Following this, the dispute might be heard by the Ontario Municipal Board, where a decision maker can impose a settlement.

In determining compensation, many factors are considered. They include damages for the disturbance the expropriation caused and difficulties in relocation to accommodate the government land use.

Experienced Litigation Lawyers

At Belsito Law, we have more than four decades of experience as Ontario litigators. Land expropriation is a major area of our practice. We have the specific knowledge necessary to effectively advance our clients’ interests when they stand to lose a substantial personal asset such as their home or land.

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